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Inside the Khmer Rouge

At least one million Cambodians were murdered, starved or tortured to death under Pol Pot’s regime. Yet by 1989, a full decade after his regime’s ouster by Vietnamese forces, there was ample cause for concern throughout Cambodia that the same Khmer Rouge were on the brink of taking back the country they had nearly destroyed between 1975 and 1979. Inside the Khmer Rouge shows how and why -- dissecting the strategy and operations of the ruthless, highly disciplined Khmer Rouge forces and the psychological underpinnings of the Cambodian people’s seeming resignation toward their eventual return.

The fruit of a two-year research project on the Khmer Rouge, this film explores the movement and its elusive inner circle through an analysis of their mentality, long-range strategies and activities inside Cambodia, on the Thai border and in the international diplomatic arena.

Inside the Khmer Rouge traces development in historical perspective as well, drawing on rare archival photographs of Pol Pot and his close coterie’s early activities as well as detailed contemporary interviews with Ambassador Khieu Sampan, the smiling diplomatic face of the Khmer Rouge and their representative to the United Nations, General Son Sen, Commander of the fearsome Khmer Rouge army, his forest-dwelling guerilla soldiers and Cambodians living in “civilian” camps on the Thai-Cambodian border .

Shari Robertson, Director

David A. Feingold, Producer
Ophidian Films

A co-production of BBC’s ASSIGNMENT series, FR3 France, and WDR in Germany.


Gold Special Jury Prize for Documentary, Worldfest, Houston.

From the Critics:

“The best documentary on Cambodia ever produced.” -- William Shawcross

“A rare insight into the inner circle of the Khmer Rouge.” -- The Asia Society