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Washington/Peru: We Ain\'t Winnin\'

Peru’s equally fearsome military, named by the United Nations the planet’s worst abuser of human rights for the fifth year in a row, was President Alberto Fujimori’s only hedge against the Shining Path. Fujimori’s solution, a “self-coup” supported by the military, sparked a brutal new campaign of violence by the Shining Path against the Peruvian people.

From the U.S. side, the economic and security implications of a successful Maoist revolution in the Western Hemisphere begin to penetrate. Both the White House and Congress had to begin to address the possibility that genocide might soon replace coca as the major bi-national policy consideration.

As the tensions reached their maximum, the filmmakers journeyed between the coca-growing mountains of the Upper Huallaga Valley, the violent slums of Lima and the policy wilds of Washington, D.C. to contrast the human experiences of life in a disintegrating society with the abstract exercise of power from Capitol Hill. We Ain’t Winnin’ is a portrait of a period of crisis in the changing relationship between a besieged Latin American nation and the most powerful country in the world.

Shari Robertson, Director
David A. Feingold, Producer
Ophidian Films

Produced for the CRITICAL EYE series on Channel 4, London;
Co-produced with FR3, France and TVE, Spain and broadcast by PBS stations across the U.S.

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