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Well-Founded Fear
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From the Critics

\"Groundbreaking, as well as devastating.... If it\'s life-and-death drama you\'re looking for, with entire futures hinging on a few words, this is the place to go.\"
-Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times

\"One of the most talked-about and attended films at the Sundance Film Festival ... we\'re taken behind the bulletproof glass, through the locked doors, under the flourescent glare, down the forbidding hallways, and into the offices of the INS agents themselves.\"
-Duane Byrge, The Hollywood Reporter

\"Sometimes the most engrossing television is also the hardest to watch ... the viewer who sticks with it ends up rewarded but deeply rattled, on several levels.\"
- Neil Genzlinger, The New York Times

\"A hit at this year\'s Sundance Festival ... deftly sidesteps tedious conventions ... If you\'re expecting an earnest, dull treatise on immigration law, don\'t get too comfortable ... This is a place where people are cut open, not with scalpels, but with questions. .\"
- Sarah Goodyear, Time Out New York

\"Two sets of faces fill the screen ... this amazing documentary puts you on both sides: Will you offer asylum to this person? Will you be granted asylum? See these faces. See this film.\"
-Andrew Smith, Philadelphia Festival of World Cinema

\"Superb craftmanship.... The directors use a mix of interviews and beautifully shot observational footage to tell the story seamlessly.\"
-Rachel Rosen, Film Comment

\"Government was never so personal ... And you get to see exactly how they do it. The result is riveting drama.\"
-Frank Davies, The Miami Herald

\"... occasionally there comes along a programme that\'s simply humbling ... I haven\'t seen anything to touch this ...
-Gerard O\'Donovan, The Daily Telegraph, London

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